Divorce: 3 Tips That Will Help You Tell Your Kids

Breaking the news to your kids: Honey, we’re getting a divorce. Here are three simple steps to take into account before telling your kids about the divorce. Although every situation differs, these general tips can help ease the process and smooth out the transition. 1. Wait To Tell The Kids…

Your Freedom: The Other Side of Divorce

Your Freedom: The Other Side of Divorce Divorce… it’s not all that bad. Just like most things in life, there are pros and cons to any situation. Going through your divorce does not mean you have to squander money, time and assets. In fact, there are several little known benefits…

Surviving Divorce: 6 Things You Must Do

Surviving Divorce: 6 Things You Must Do Have you been thinking about getting a divorce but don’t know where to start? I promise, you are not alone. Before you pull your hair out, we have put together these 6 steps to make surviving divorce a little easier. Develop a Protection Plan…

Gather The Paperwork Now To Be On The Right Track Later

Divorce is not only emotionally draining– it’s financial draining! Unless, of course, you take the proper steps to avoid a messy outcome. And yes, you can do exactly that. With the right guidance, your divorce can be a breeze. But first, you need to do your homework. Untangling you and…

Divorce and Your Debt

Divorce and Your Debt Ready to settle your divorce and take your half of the cash? Not so fast… don’t forget about your portion of the debt as well. Over the years, many households rack up debt by buying things such as a house, cars, or luxury vacations. Are you aware…

Why You NEED To Master Financial Patience

After you have your paperwork sorted (household income, expenses, receipts, banking and credit card statements, loans, etc.) you can prepare for the next step. It’s still early in the process, so stay abreast of the situation and refrain from any big financial decisions. You may feel pressured to grab anything…

Struggling With Co-Parenting? These Apps Are Helpful!

“There’s an app for that!”   A phrase that’s becoming more and more common… it now relates to divorce. Yes, there is an app for co-parenting. In fact, there are several apps! If you’re struggling to keep up with the child custody arrangements, frustrated by miscommunications with the other parent…

To Refinance or Not to Refinance, That is the Question.

Your house plays a major role in your divorce. As one of your most valuable assets, it should take a front seat in your agreement. But first ask yourself, do you want to keep your home or are you ready to start anew? And second, can you afford to keep…

Alimony and Child Support… Quick Tips You Need To Know

Quick Tips: Alimony & Child Support Divorce can be financially devastating to either or both spouses if you do not plan for alimony and child support correctly. However, it’s possible to get through divorce without emptying your pockets. Taking the necessary precautions and educating yourself on fiscal policy can reduce the burden…

7 Powerful Steps to Help Restore Yourself After Divorce

Many people find their worth in the relationship they have spent years investing in. Finding yourself can be a challenge especially after a divorce. It may be hard to believe at this moment, but this can be one of the best times in your life. Now is the time for…


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