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Get Expert Advice on Finances

Get Expert Advice on Finances

Resources For Your Divorce

Resources For Your Divorce

Learn Financial Freedom

Learn Financial Freedom

Do you have support to keep you financially accountable?

Being on your own can be a scary thought. Whereas you once had two pairs of eyes reviewing financial matters, now you may only have yourself to rely on.  But that doesn’t have to be the case. This is especially important for someone who is not well versed in budgeting,…

How To Protect Your Money Throughout Your Divorce

There are many goals and priorities that you will need to have when undergoing a divorce. One of the most important of all will be to protect your money. This is especially important if you have reason to believe that the divorce proceedings could turn into a drawn out fight….

Dividing Your Family Business During Divorce

A family business is also considered an asset, and that business will need to be divided up somehow as well. In order to figure out the division of the business, it must first be formally appraised and evaluated. Both spouses will need to clearly state how they want the business divided…

How To Look On The Bright Side of Divorce

There are three very unfortunate things that are going to happen with just about any divorce, no matter the circumstances:  A massive strain will be put on your family, including your children Your bank account is most likely going to take a hit You’re going to be feeling very stressed…

How To Protect Your Legal Rights During Divorce

When going through a divorce, it is likely that many legal issues will arise. It is important for you to know and understand your legal rights during your divorce. Your divorce attorney can help you with this because they will be well versed in the legal rights for your state….

Is your job limiting you from a better future?

Mark is a newly single father looking for a better future. Now that his divorce is over, he must figure out how to restart and budget his finances, which are consistently going into the negatives. Not only is he working off of his sole income now, he must provide for…


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Sherry Campbell is a Certified Financial Planner and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. She has been working one on one with clients for over 20 years, helping them with divorce financial assistance and wealth building.,

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