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Get Expert Advice on Finances

Get Expert Advice on Finances

Resources For Your Divorce

Resources For Your Divorce

Learn Financial Freedom

Learn Financial Freedom

Struggling With Co-Parenting? These Apps Are Helpful!

“There’s an app for that!” A phrase that’s becoming more and more common… it now relates to divorce. Yes, there is an app for co-parenting. In fact, there are several apps! If you’re struggling to keep up with the child custody arrangements, frustrated by miscommunications with the other parent or…

Filing for Divorce? You Need to Get Your Mindset Right

Is your divorce mindset in the right place? If there was ever a time to make thoughtful decisions, it’s now. The legal work surrounding your divorce settlement is incredibly important to get right. These decisions will affect your future, your children, your retirement, your house, any child support, alimony, debt…

How To Reset Your Retirement Plan After Your Divorce

When couples undergo divorce, the focus is often on short term financial priorities rather than long term ones.  Needless to say, this is a major mistake, and hopefully for obvious reasons. While many people treat money in regard to their immediate needs, the simple fact of the matter is you…

Post-Divorce: Now is The Time To Discover a New You

Post-divorce can be a time to discover a new you. Everything is an opportunity if you see it so. It’s a time to take your energy and become what you want. Many divorces are painful, tense, and emotionally taxing… but they don’t have to be! Keep your head up and…

Your Freedom: The Other Side of Divorce

Your Freedom: The Other Side of Divorce Divorce… it’s not all that bad. Just like most things in life, there are pros and cons to any situation. Going through your divorce does not mean you have to squander money, time and assets. In fact, there are several little known benefits…

You Need to Control Your Emotions During Your Divorce

It is important to keep emotions at bay during your divorce. Ending the financial part of your marriage is no different from ending a business relationship.  Focus You need to separate your emotional state from your financial state. A good financial settlement is based solely on the numbers. Redirect any anger…


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Sherry Campbell is a Certified Financial Planner and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. She has been working one on one with clients for over 20 years, helping them with divorce financial assistance and wealth building.,

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