Should You Change Your Name Back After A Divorce?

While it may seem like an obvious decision to you in regards to whether or not you should change your name following a divorce, the truth is that there are many pros and cons to both options and there are a variety of factors that you will need to take into consideration as well.

If you do decide to change your name, you can do so before the divorce is finally complete by including your request for a name change in your divorce decree.  But even if you’ve already been divorced for a matter of months, it still isn’t too late, as you can work with the circuit court in your county or city to find out which forms you will need to fill out.

With that said, here are the different factors that you will want to consider:

What’s Your Reason?

Regardless of whether you opt to change your name or not, you do need to know your reason for doing so. Maybe it’s because you simply want the old name back or because you simply like your new name and are fine with keeping it.

Honestly, there are an infinite number of reasons women may have for opting to either keep their new last name or change it to their old one following a divorce.  But regardless of what you decide to do, just make sure that you know what your reason is.

Your Children 

Another factor to take into account will be your children.  Do you want to have a different last name from them?  Many women aren’t comfortable with that idea, largely because they know they’ll have to explain it to a number of different people later on.  It’s just a factor that you will need to consider.

Your Career

If you’ve made a name for yourself in your career or place of profession, then keeping your new name might be a wise strategic move because people will know you and you’ll be far more recognizable to future clients or customers.  

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Getting A Clean Break

One of the biggest reasons why divorced women will change their last name back is to get a clean break and a new start in life.  It cuts off the last major tie with their ex-husband and symbolizes that you are now yourself and back to who you were.  If you’re using your divorce as a change to get a new start in life, changing your name back could be smart.

What Are You Comfortable With?

You only live once, so don’t feel pressured to live the rest of your life with a last name you don’t like or are not comfortable with.  If you’re not comfortable with your new name, why not switch it? Or vice versa, if you’re not comfortable with your old name, why make the switch to begin with.

In the end, whichever last name you are the most comfortable with should be the most significant factor in making your decision.

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